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Buck was not a  war dog but he became the nation's #1 ambassador for the military working dog.  Buck and his master, Vietnam scout dog handler Johnny Mayo, visited The Wall in the year 2000...A snapshot of Buck gazing at the Wall was taken and the rest is history.   Over the next five years Buck traveled over 25,000 miles across America as a voice for the 4,000 heroic war dogs that served in the jungles of Vietnam.   

Buck died in March, 2006.  His mission was realized as condolences came from across America...even England, France, and troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.  WELL DONE BUCK.

 On April 15th Buck was honored with Memorial Tributes on the East and West Coasts Celebrating the life of a dog, a friend to fans across America, and a gentle spirit that touched so many lives as he shared the stories of his heroes.
Five days after his death, Buck was recognized on the floor of Congress on March 28th by Congressman Joe Wilson and March 29th by Congressman Walter Jones.  On Saturday, April 15, a hero was honored on the east and west coasts as over 100 friends gathered in the east at the Pet Rest Cemetery to say goodbye to Buck, the War Dogs' Hero.  There were four-legged friends as well, honor guard dog teams represented by Charleston AFB, Richland Co. Sheriff Dept., Lexington Co. Sheriff Dept., and Dept of Corrections.  As the bagpipe music echoed through the pet cemetery atthe opening march, a color guard of Vietnam Dog Handlers representing the Army, Marines, and Air Force placed the flags in line beside the final resting spot of Buck.  Children shadowed the flag bearers and placed their own American flags in line beside Buck's grave site.
In the memorial ceremony a parent spoke of Buck's visit and presentation to 180 students who laughed when Buck barked letting Johnny know he was missing some important points about the War Dogs.  A teacher shared details of the Book Parade at Saluda River Academy of the Arts as Johnny and Buck joined his classs that had chosen Buck's Heroes as their book in the parade.  Buck had no less than seven children as his handlers during the block long parade route and none wanted to let go of the leash when the parade ended. 
 Johnny remembered his best friend as a gentle dog that belonged to everyone.   "He was not a one man dog.  he belonged to every child and adult who wanted to walk him on leash and sit with him during any event we were part of.  I will have another dog at my side but I'll never be able to replace him."
The cermony ended with a two plane fly-over as the perfect final salute to Buck, the War Dogs' Hero.
At March Air Field in Riverside, Calif. home of the west coast War Dog Memorial, a second memorial ceremony was scheduled .  Mayo received word that the California tribute had a large attendance of supporters, including Vietnam handlers and active duty dog teams.
Buck continues to live in our hearts and minds and in his book BUCK'S HEROES