Buck's Heroes
A Dog's Tale of Vietnam War Dogs

Written by Johnny Mayo, Illustrated by Tonia Marynell

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Johnny and Buck are proud to have Artist/Illustrator,
Tonia Marynell, as part of the Dream of Buck's Heroes

With her artistic abilities, Tonia has put her heart and soul in captivating the emotion, bonds, and sacrifices of our K9s in the Vietnam War as their stories are shared with a new friend, Buck.

To see more of the art/illustrations created by Tonia Marynell,
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On a splendid fall day some thirty years after serving in Vietnam as a dog handler, Johnny Mayo attends a reunion of former handlers and their families at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C. He brings with him, Buck, his pet husky of 10 years.

Buck accompanies his master to the polished black granite memorial wherein are inscribed the names of the 58,178 men and women who were killed or missing in action.

While gazing at the wall by his master's side, Buck begins hearing and seeing the ghosts of the dogs who were participants in the war. His master’s two beloved scout dogs along with many others tell Buck what life was like for them and the soldiers they served and protected. Buck and his master leave the memorial with a renewed sense of camaraderie and closure.

Note from Johnny Mayo

I served with the 39th Scout Dog Platoon, 173rd Airborne Brigade in Vietnam as a Scout Dog Handler. I returned home to my family because of the abilities of two dogs. I will never forget the bond we shared and the gratitude and love in my heart for my War Dogs, Tiger and Kelly. A person will have several animal companions in a lifetime that are special, but rarely can we say that our dogs saved our lives numerous times.

Thousands of American generations and soldiers lives that walked behind the Dogman were silently affected by Man’s Best Friend taking the point in Vietnam. Special Thanks to Buck who has been by my side for the past twelve years and has been part of every War Dog related Event that I have been part of since 1999 in bring awareness of the courage and loyalty of our War Dogs.

They Will Never Be Forgotten

Copyright 2002 / All Rights Reserved Johnny Mayo

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