Johnny Mayo's War Dog Exhibit with the help of the Celebrate Freedom Foundation have educated thousands of since 2001 about the loyalty and sacrifice of the Military Working Dog in our nation's military history.

Above - Freinds at the Owens Field and Camden Air Shows

The War Dog Traveling Wall
Over 4,000 Kennel Signs Representing Each Vietnam War Dog with the K9  KIA Wall behind Johnny, Buck, and Nakita    -    
Only 204 Survived.

Johnny Mayo, Buck, & Nakita - Kennel Sign Tribute Wall.

The Wall Represents All 4,000 War Dogs That Served   In the Vietnam War...Only 204 Survived!   The War Dog Wall was unofficially retired at the Melbourne, Fl Veterans Reunion in May, 2011...after traveling the past years across America.

LZ ENGLISH WAR DOG KENNEL Exhibit at the Celebrate Freedom Foundation AIR SHOW,  Camden, SC  2003



April 9 - 10:  Armies Thru Time  -  Camden, SC

April 16:  Celebrate Freedom Event  -  Columbia, SC

May 5 - 8:  Melbourne, Fl. Vietnam Veterans Reunion

May 14:  Spring Party, NC

May 27 - 30:  LZ Friendly,  Danielsville, Ga

July 23:  Lexington County Vest Fest - Lexington, SC

Sept. 1 - 4:  39th Scout DogFest - Mountain Rest, SC

Sept 15 - 18:  Kokomo Veterans Reunion - Kokomo, In

Oct. 1:  Fun Dog Fest - Winnsboro, SC

Oct. 27 - 30:  Vietnam DogHandlers Asso. National Reunio - Orlando, Fl

Nov.5-6:  Veterans Exhibit the USS Yorktown/Veterans Parade - Charleston,SC

Nov 11:  Veterans Parade - Columbia, SC

Nov. 12 - 13:  National Veterans PowWow - Ellijay, Ga


You can contact us at:

803-767-6756  or


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